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sandy adj
1 composed of or covered with relatively large particles; "granular sugar"; "gritty sand" [syn: farinaceous, coarse-grained, grainy, granular, granulose, gritty, mealy]
2 (used of soil) loose and large-grained in consistency; "light sandy soil" [syn: friable, light]
3 of hair color; pale yellowish to yellowish brown; "flaxen locks" [syn: flaxen]
4 resembling or containing sand; or growing in sandy areas; "arenaceous limestone"; "arenaceous grasses" [syn: arenaceous, sandlike] [ant: argillaceous]
5 abounding in sand; "Florida's sandy beaches" [also: sandiest, sandier]

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  • , /ˈsændi/, /"s

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Sandy is a popular unisex name; the male version is the Scottish diminutive for "Alexander" or "Alasdair", while the female version is a diminutive for "Sandra" or less commonly "Alexandra." In the 18th and 19th centuries, "Sandy" or "Sawney" was used as a pejorative term for Scottish people, but was gradually replaced by Jock.
Notable people named Sandy include:
Fictional characters named Sandy include:


  • Sandy, the name given by the USAF to aircraft escorting CSAR helicopters, with A-1 Skyraiders most commonly being given this nickname
  • Sandy (mouse) or SDY, a dysbindin knockout mouse
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Saharan, anhydrous, arenaceous, arenarious, arid, athirst, aureate, auric, beige, bone-dry, breccial, brecciated, buff, buff-yellow, canary, canary-yellow, citron, citron-yellow, craggy, cream, creamy, crystal, crystalline, desert, droughty, dry, dry as dust, dusty, ecru, fallow, flaxen, gilded, gilt, gold, gold-colored, golden, grainy, granular, granulate, granulated, gravelly, gritty, high and dry, juiceless, lapideous, lemon, lemon-yellow, like parchment, lithoid, lithoidal, luteolous, lutescent, monolithic, ocherish, ocherous, ochery, ochreous, ochroid, ochrous, ochry, or, pebbled, pebbly, porphyritic, primrose, primrose-colored, primrose-yellow, rock-ribbed, rock-strewn, rock-studded, rocklike, rocky, sabulous, saffron, saffron-colored, saffron-yellow, sallow, sand-colored, sapless, shingled, shingly, stonelike, stony, straw, straw-colored, thirsting, thirsty, trachytic, undamped, unwatered, waterless, xanthic, xanthous, yellow, yellowish
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